Girlpoems blogaround, 5/10/11

Corona 3 (1937)
Celebrating my brand new Corona 3: my anniversary present from Lovely Boyfriend!

Now for some links to make you think…

Facebook will like, totally ban any groups that spread hate. Unless the hatin’ is on women, obviously. That’s fine. “It is very important to point out that what one person finds offensive another can find entertaining… it won’t get you thrown off Facebook.” Thus spake Mark Zuckerberg, billionaire, total swine, rape apologist.

New York City was the most recent city to get on the damn fine fancy bandwagon that is Slutwalk. This is just one of many great images from the day.

I’m so glad to see so many people responding to Johnny Depp’s recent idiotic statements about rape. The F Word has collated many of the best reactions in their post, Things That Are Not Rape [Trigger Warning]

#notcool is a place for you to name and shame assvertising in all its forms, and I salute it [Trigger Warning]

I overheard a group of female students from the college I teach at talking about the recent Rihanna-kicked-out-of-a-field story on the bus a couple of days ago. One of them saw fit to remark “she’s so arrogant and pathetic, isn’t she?” It was said as if the girl were talking about a classmate, someone she knew personally. And the implication seemed to be that Rihanna’s mode of dress in her video shoot was both something to feel threatened by and to be pitied. I was confused and saddened.
This is a great article about the whole situation.

I thought Hugo Schwyzer‘s post, The Accidental Rapist, was brilliant [Trigger Warning].

I absolutely love these female empowerment posters for kids (NB: not just girls) at Switcheroo. I am thinking of getting one for myself, childlessness be damned!

(Photo by MerillZ)

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